The NerdWebsite

My name is Remon, I am a programmer and a developer.

I started the to help beginners to get started with building a website or blog. This website will also feature tips and guides to help them maintain a website.

I fund the NerdWebsite out of a pure passion for helping beginners; because just like everyone else - everyone starts as a beginner.

A Quick Story


The early 2000s

I am an avid fan of reality shows. I always visit their websites to read more stories. I am fascinated with the design because of their multimedia application incorporated into their website. One day, I told to myself that I want to create a website just like theirs. I started by imitating the website design and animations using the PowerPoint application.

The mid-2000s

I started college and take Computer Science since I want a job where I can create a website. During those times, I got bombarded with mathematics, problem-solving, and programming. I never thought I will have to go through them to create a website.

The late 2000s

It paid off; I started my career as a developer. I started creating websites and web-based applications. I shift to freelancing, and this is when I meet WordPress. I learned how to develop themes and plugins for WordPress. I created premium themes and sell them on the marketplaces.

Late 2013

I get a full-time job as a software engineer and I love my job.